Healthcare organizations are embracing digital transformation to improve results and lower costs. Connected devices are an essential component of digital transformation – gathering data, providing diagnostics, performing therapeutic functions, and automating activities. Those same connected devices, however, also expand the attack surface and create risk for healthcare providers. 

Given the growing number of connected devices and complexity of environments, it is unrealistic to expect healthcare organizations to achieve a fully mature cybersecurity defensive posture overnight. 

In this Ordr of Business webinar, Brad Laporte, Gartner Veteran and Chris Westphal, Ordr Head of Product Marketing, discuss a framework for healthcare security teams, to help them understand where their organization is on the maturity curve for connected device security and where to focus efforts to make improvements. 

Join Brad and Chris as they dive into the five steps of how to stay ahead of the healthcare maturity curve: 

  1. Asset Visibility: creating a complete, accurate and up-to-date asset inventory 
  2. Vulnerability and Risk Management: creating a risk-based view of connected devices  
  3. Reactive Security: use connected device insights and the risk-based view to help teams understand device risk and prioritize risk mitigation and incident response 
  4. Proactive Security: automate policies and workflows to ensure rapid threat detection and response 
  5. Optimized Security: continue to build on the foundation they have created to expand and optimize their security methods with automation and proactive Zero Trust security policies


Featured Speakers

Brad LaPorte

Partner (and Gartner veteran)
High Tech Advisors

Chris Westphal

Head of Product Marketing