Enterprise organizations often rely on a diverse set of security tools to protect all assets across their network. The biggest challenge for CISOs and their teams is understanding the coverage efficacy of these security tools because managed and unmanaged asset data is scattered across various platforms in today’s modern networks. Without in-depth asset context, teams struggle to make informed decisions and identify coverage gaps and missing security controls.

Ordr’s Approach to Surface Coverage Gaps and Missing Security Controls

Ordr believes that for a Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM) solution to be effective, it must include foundational features such as accurate asset inventory and classification. These key features provide the in-depth asset context necessary to make informed decisions, uncover coverage gaps, and identify missing security controls. Ordr utilizes AI/ML techniques to categorize every connected asset within the network and assign a three-level hierarchy. This model establishes boundaries based on asset classification thus eliminating the need for manual processes and guesswork. With accurate asset inventory and classification, CISOs can automatically know when:

  • Endpoints are missing critical security controls like EDR or MDM
  • Assets are banned by the federal government
  • Assets are running out-of-date software
  • Assets have weak passwords

Ordr CAASM+ integrates with industry-leading security solutions to share data and insights such as when there are missing security controls or coverage gaps. That information helps users to customize their views to meet specific business requirements. Recommended data integration sources for Ordr CAASM+ include:

  • Vulnerability Assessment Systems
  • Ordr Discovery Engine
  • Cloud Assets
  • CMDB
  • MDM
  • EDR

Because these insights are being analyzed and delivered in real-time any changes that affect risk are available immediately. That means Ordr CAASM+ provides an ideal framework for remediation with multiple enforcement options, including:

  • Network based enforcement (changed VLAN, shutdown port, integrate with firewall)
  • Integration with messaging/collaboration tools
  • Integration with ticketing system

Watch this short video to see how CAASM+ empowers you to identify coverage gaps and missing security controls.

Thanks for joining us for the first deep dive into our CAASM+ use cases! Follow along over the next few weeks as we delve into more of our CAASM+ use cases to understand why they are important and how Ordr addresses them.

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