Ordr welcomes Wes Wright as our new Chief Healthcare Officer with immense pleasure and pride. Wes’s distinguished military background, extensive expertise in healthcare, and unwavering commitment to patient safety make him an invaluable addition to our organization. Wes’s appointment reflects Ordr’s continued commitment to our innovation leadership in healthcare.

Already the market leader in healthcare connected device security, Ordr continues to accelerate our customer acquisition rate. More importantly, we are enabling our customers to be healthcare cybersecurity “heroes” by more effectively securing their environment of care and making hospital operations more efficient. We are excited about being in a great place to expand the team and make additional investments to support healthcare security and HTM teams everywhere.

I’ve known Wes for many years (read his recent blog here). He was an early proponent of our technology and mission, and there are several reasons why he’s such a great fit for Ordr:

Valuing Relationships: Building Bridges to Success

Having had the privilege of knowing Wes for several years, I have witnessed firsthand his business acumen, attention to detail, and strength in building relationships. Formerly an Ordr advisor, his guidance and insights, from day one when I met him until now, highlight his dedication to fostering strong relationships and going above and beyond to support our shared goals.

Healthcare Expertise: Passion for Patient Safety

Wes embodies the mantra “cybersecurity is patient safety.” His extensive experience in patient care delivery, as a former CIO of military and children’s hospitals, and his adroit navigation of complex regulatory landscapes will be invaluable to Ordr. Additionally, his tenure as a CTO in a major healthcare organization and technology provider strengthens our ability to drive innovation and maintain a leading edge in healthcare excellence.

Mission-Orientated Leader: A North Star for Excellence

Wes’s military background, serving in multiple roles in the U.S. Air Force, instills in him discipline, strategic thinking, and unwavering resilience—qualities vital to addressing healthcare’s daily security challenges. His ability to set clear objectives, mobilize resources, and lead by example will be instrumental in realizing our collective mission here at Ordr.

Wes’s prowess in rallying and motivating teams is a true asset. Wes’s leadership style, characterized by inspiration, approachability, and a genuine interest in others, is bound to bring out the best in every member of our organization. And beyond his influence with Ordr team, I know Wes will also inspire our partners, prospects, and customers and propel us toward shared success.

Welcome to our team, Wes. We are delighted to have you on board and eagerly anticipate a remarkable journey ahead.

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