With Ordr and HPE Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager (CPPM), organizations can quickly gain complete visibility into every connected device and deploy segmentation to proactively protect and reactively respond and mitigate threats. This includes Zero Trust policy enforcement and microsegmentation to isolate groups or individual devices from non-essential access while protecting them from attack and compromise on existing networking and security infrastructure

How it works

The integrated Ordr SCE and HPE Aruba CPPM solution makes it easy to get rich visibility for IoT and unmanaged devices and to simplify segmentation projects. The solution provides detailed classification and context for every connected device, automatically groups devices into CPPM policy groups for role-based access and facilitates software-defined segmentation to provide more precise controls for every IoT device in the network. By providing continuous, multi-level security monitoring of all device communications, Ordr SCE detects anomalous behavior and shares this information with ClearPass to implement network access control based on vulnerability, threat, and risk ratings. Ordr SCE also integrates with HPE Aruba CPPM to streamline the process of containing threats based on the organization’s access policy such as blocking unauthorized devices, quarantining them, or limiting their network access.


  • Automating IoT inventory discovery, classification, and categorization, and sharing detailed device context with ClearPass
  • Providing rich analytics about the behavior of all devices that guides segmentation design, streamlines the segmentation implementation, and audits the result to assure accuracy and effectiveness
  • Quickly contain threats and protect at-risk devices
  • Accelerating ClearPass deployments with powerful yet easy-to-use tools that provide accurate device information and automate steps that are traditionally error-prone and labor intensive