Ordr and Nuvolo have teamed up to create a healthcare partnership to reduce device cyber security risk. The solution combines Ordr’s superior IoT Security Platform to discover and profile connected devices in healthcare organizations with Nuvolo’s workplace management platform for healthcare. 

The joint solution enables organizations to optimize their device utilization while significantly reducing risk and improving operational efficiency 

How it works

Ordr’s bidirectional integration with Nuvolo allows you to simplify inventory management and proactively mitigate risk. Ordr collects inventory data from Nuvolo and sends Ordr-discovered device data along with risk and utilization details for all devices.


  • Streamline inventory management: automatically build and maintain a complete and accurate inventory of connected medical devices and eliminate the manual inspection and software version record-keeping 
  • Optimize device utilization: monitor core components of the medical device fleet to efficiently manage and understand medical device utilization data, right-size inventories, lower costs, and optimize placement. 
  • Risk management: inform security operations on the precise nature of a vulnerability or threat, quickly identify any at-risk medical devices, and take proactive measures to mitigate risk including implementing granular segmentation to protect devices