Ordr’s bidirectional integration with Qualys enables comprehensive vulnerability scanning without gaps or disruptions. Qualys uses Ordr device insights to determine when and how devices are scanned and if they have been excluded. Ordr uses Qualys scan results in the calculation of device risk scores and other security analytics. 

How it works

Ordr integrates with the Qualys Cloud Platform to seamlessly send device insights and enable organizations to identify devices to scan with the appropriate type of scan for each device. Ordr also incorporates Qualys scan results with security and risk analysis to calculate a risk score for every connected device for an accurate and comprehensive view of risk. 

Visual representation of the Qualys integration enabling comprehensive vulnerability scanning without gaps or disruptions.


  • Comprehensive Coverage – Gain complete visibility of all devices with Ordr to easily determine which devices are scanned, which are missed, and when scanning occurred. Additionally, Ordr’s identification and classification of lightweight, agentless devices allows administrators to quickly exclude specific connected devices or device categories from active scans, opening network segments to vulnerability scanning that had previously been excluded. 
  • Optimized Scanning – Easily Identify devices to exclude and apply the right scan type for each device category using detailed Ordr insight on device types, scan sensitivity, and device role within the organization. 
  • Proactive Protection – Automate segmentation policies with Ordr and enforce with existing security and network infrastructure to secure vulnerable devices rather than block or quarantine critical devices that cannot be patched or updated. 
  • Smart Scheduling – Leverage device utilization patterns from Ordr to schedule vulnerability scans for times when devices are not in use to minimize disruption and operational risk