Santa Clara, CA – February 15, 2023 – Ordr, the leader in connected device security, today announced that it has been named a top performer by KLAS Research in the firm’s 2023 Best in KLAS Software & Services Report for Healthcare IoT Security. Ordr has been recognized as a Top Performer in this report for three years in a row.   

The Best in KLAS report recognizes software and services companies that excel in helping healthcare professionals improve patient care. All rankings are based on feedback from thousands of providers, compiled over the past year, who use the products reviewed.

“Healthcare technology management and security teams benefit from Ordr’s ‘whole hospital’ approach to visibility and security. As shared by our customers, we continue to deliver unique product innovations – from granular device context, full-lifecycle vulnerability management, and utilization insights to meaningful integrations – to help healthcare systems enhance patient safety, optimize usage and improve efficiencies. Our market-leading security and segmentation capabilities help security teams anticipate, withstand, and respond to cyberattacks such as ransomware, ensuring operational resilience,” said Jim Hyman, CEO at Ordr. “We’re thrilled to be recognized by our customers. It is a strong endorsement of our team’s continued dedication to delivering the best healthcare IoT security product on the market.”

When asked about Ordr, customers shared the following comments:

  • “Ordr is one of our favorite vendors, and they enable a practical approach to zero trust security. They do a wonderful job of helping us secure our medical devices, and they are a pleasure to work with. They are putting a lot of new features into their product, and they are going beyond what we originally purchased them for to the extent that we might actually be able to get rid of one of our other network monitoring products.” CIO (November 2022)
  • “Ordr comes out with new technology that blows me away all the time. They just keep adding functionality. Ordr’s product is the only product I can ever remember. When I am talking to peers or companies that [I] do work with, I tell them they need to check out Ordr’s platform.” Director (October 2022)
  • “The biggest thing I like is that we can use the information gathered by the system to implement tangible policies for other things, such as my firewall. That is the true value of being able to look at devices and see what they are. The product allows me to write access control list policies around entire groups of devices, and that makes us more secure. The information in the product is outstanding, but the opportunity to translate that information into actionable security policies is the big selling point of the product for us.” Director (October 2022) 
  • “Ordr is truly exceptional. I have regular calls with their team, and one of the talking points on every agenda is the vendor’s road map. I do lots of check-in calls with vendors on a variety of products, and Ordr is the vendor that is the clearest with their road map.” Director (October 2022)
  • “Ordr has an incredible ability to integrate their solution with my firewall and endpoint protection software. The integration between Ordr’s platform and my other security platforms is really high, whether Ordr’s product is integrating with an IoT device or simply a Windows workstation sitting on someone’s desk. The level of integration that the product has is ridiculous.” Director (October 2022) 
  • “The product has really helped me discriminate between the devices on my network; I can tell whether something is a PC as opposed to an infusion pump or a pulse oximeter. That is very helpful for specific healthcare IoT purposes. The system has changed our workflow.” Director (October 2022) 
  • “Our implementation with Ordr was incredibly smooth. Ordr killed it. I don’t have enough good things to say about Ordr. I don’t know whether I have ever been as satisfied with another implementation as I was with Ordr’s implementation.” Director (October 2022)

The Ordr “whole hospital approach” secures all connected devices – IoT, IoMT, operational technology (OT), and traditional IT systems – that are critical to operations and patient care. With Ordr, HTM and security teams gain the insight and tools they need to identify risks such as devices with outdated operating systems, devices with vulnerabilities, and take action by applying segmentation to devices that can not be updated or otherwise secured.

Ordr recently published a Connected Device Security Healthcare Maturity Model to guide healthcare organizations on their journey to Zero Trust. For more information, see how Ordr can help your organization gain visibility and control over its connected medical devices and equipment.

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