Santa Clara, CA – January 11, 2023 – Ordr, the leader in connected device security, today announced that it is collaborating with GE HealthCare to offer customers a solution leveraging Ordr’s market-leading platform for health systems.

The solution addresses critical patient care challenges across three key stakeholder groups: biomedical and healthcare technology management (HTM) teams, giving them the granular visibility as well as performance and utilization insights they need to improve medical device management; IT teams, helping them to monitor network connectivity and performance, while mapping device communications flows; and security teams, helping them to identify, prioritize, and self-manage responses to vulnerabilities, threats, or anomalies.

Healthcare providers rely on a wide range of network-connected devices to improve patient care and enhance clinician productivity. As the care environment becomes more complex, health systems are struggling with:

  • Lack of visibility into device status, such as determining which devices are in-use, identifying new devices, or devices not yet registered in their asset inventory database;
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting devices impacted by communications or performance issues;
  • Lack of accurate device data (OS, software version, etc.,) to assess risks, manage vulnerabilities, and implement mitigations; and,
  • Locating mobile and portable devices, with many organizations spending almost an hour per person per shift searching for equipment in need of a service action

To help ensure continuity of service for these devices, continuous monitoring of network performance and security is essential. Incorporating Ordr’s solutions will enable GE HealthCare to provide continuous network performance and security monitoring of all clinical assets connected to the CARESCAPE network. The proven, market-leading capabilities of the Ordr platform will help enable broad visibility, performance monitoring, security, and governance of all clinical assets on the CARESCAPE network, providing customers with enhanced self-management capabilities for their critical patient care devices.

“Empowering biomedical technicians, clinical engineers, and hospital IT with easy-to-use tools aimed at improving self-managed network security, productivity, and equipment uptime is key to enhancing critical patient care,” said Alla K. Woodson, GE HealthCare’s Global GM, Patient Care Solutions – Services & Consumables. “This network performance and security solution brings together the technology and scale of our two organizations to help ensure that our customers have visibility and access to actionable insights.”

“Hospitals and healthcare facilities rely on GE HealthCare’s CARESCAPE networks to host critical patient care devices. It is of the utmost importance that these networks—and everything connected to them—remain secure and operating at peak efficiency,” added Jim Hyman, CEO of Ordr. “The deep integration of the Ordr platform with the GE HealthCare CARESCAPE network will help give healthcare organizations comprehensive clinical asset visibility, security and performance capabilities they need to optimize and protect their environment of care.”

With this new service offering, healthcare organizations will be able to:

  • Gain Granular Visibility to All Devices in the GE CARESCAPE network – Gain real-time visibility and automate inventories of all assets on the CARESCAPE Network, with device data that can be integrated with existing computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS). Access granular details on GE HealthCare clinical assets, such as hard-to-track patient data modules and which bedside monitors they are connected to.
  • Enable Improved Device Performance and Help Reduce Downtime – Enable application-level performance monitoring of GE HealthCare Patient Care devices. Monitor HL7 application flows with actionable alerting that can speed troubleshooting and help reduce the impact of downtime.
  • Monitor your Entire CARESCAPE Ecosystem – Provide a bird’s-eye view monitoring of the entire CARESCAPE ecosystem to help catch performance and availability issues with switches & UPS power supplies in near real time to help enhance uptime.
  • Enable Preventative Maintenance Efficiencies via near Real-Time Data for HTMs – Eliminate the manual effort and time needed to locate networked devices and identify whether they are in use, based on near real-time network and physical data to complete Preventative Maintenance.
  • Mitigate Risk and Help Improve Device Security – Full-lifecycle vulnerability management enables users to identify and focus on specific vulnerabilities affecting clinical assets under their management, prioritize vulnerabilities with Clinical Risk Scores, and self-manage the remediation process with simplified workflows and custom tags.
  • Enable Optimal Device Utilization and Operational Efficiency – Understand how GE HealthCare Patient Care devices are being used, enabling teams to optimize performance and support future purchasing decisions.

For more information about how Ordr and GE HealthCare can help protect and optimize clinical assets on your GE CARESCAPE Patient Monitoring network, please visit:

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