To cybercriminals, unprotected IoT and unmanaged devices represent back doors into your operations. Cyber attacks are launched to ferret out weak and vulnerable targets leading to data exfiltration or hijack attempts to solicit ransom. Since IoT devices are often difficult or impossible to individually secure, they are easy prey with high financial reward. There are a growing number of examples where these breaches resulted in debilitating consequences.

  • Target was breached through its HVAC system contractor
  • WannaCry took medical equipment offline and caused over 65 hospitals to shut down
  • Mirai and newer HNS viruses compromised cameras at scale
  • NotPetya hit a broad set of vulnerable devices that impacted business operations globally


Ordr Overview

Learn how the Ordr Systems Control Engine (SCE) will discover every connected device, profile device behaviors and risks, and automate response. Read the solution brief now.

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How Ordr Detects and Mitigates Ripple20

Learn how Ordr can help to detect and mitigate the vulnerabilities caused by Ripple20.

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A Primer on Preparing for and Responding to Ransomware for Users of IoT and IoMT

Ransomware attacks have increased. Hear from Ordr CISO Jeff Horne how to respond if you're attacked.

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