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The Solution

Identify Risks and Proactively Protect Connected Devices

With visibility into your entire infrastructure of connected devices, you can gain the upper hand over cyber threats—before they can wreak havoc. Ordr identifies a wide range of risks, including active threats, vulnerabilities, FDA recalls, and anomalous behaviors.

Ordr's integrated intrusion detection engine synchronizes with data delivered by a suite of industry-leading threat intelligence sources. Ordr also identifies weak ciphers and non-trustworthy certificate. Using this data, Ordr validates cyber vulnerabilities, threats, and the associated risk level of each device.

In addition to ingesting threat intelligence data, Ordr uses machine learning to profile each device's communication patterns and map them via the Ordr Flow Genome. Ordr continuously monitors all communications in your environment so you'll know when devices try to connect to unauthorized networks, communicate with malicious sites, or transmit anomalous data.



Threat Protection Aligned with the NIST Framework

Ordr’s visibility and security capabilities align with NIST to protect against ransomware and other threats.


Ordr Overview

Learn how the Ordr Systems Control Engine (SCE) discovers every connected device, profiles device behaviors, uncovers risks, and automates response.

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How Ordr Detects and Mitigates Ripple20

Learn how Ordr can help to detect and mitigate the vulnerabilities caused by Ripple20.

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A Primer on Preparing for and Responding to Ransomware for Users of IoT and IoMT

Ransomware attacks have increased. Hear from Ordr CISO Jeff Horne how to respond if you're attacked.

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