To kick off Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) week, we would like to start by celebrating some folks that have been remarkable for their organization’s growth around network-connected device visibility and security. We thought it would be better if you heard it directly from their mouths so please check out these fireside chats and webinars where your colleagues share their best practices for medical devices, how they have secured budget to fund their projects, and how they are implementing policies around smart speakers.

While ALL HTM folks deserve this week full of appreciation, celebration and our gratitude, especially after a truly taxing year, we wanted to highlight these 10 rockstars:

1. Keith Witby, Senior Manager HTM – Mayo Clinic 

Keith has worked at Mayo Clinic for more than 22 years in several different support and leadership roles. He is currently the Section Head of Healthcare Technology Management Cybersecurity and Operations. Keith has also had several other positions in HTM, starting as a Unit Manager of the X-Ray equipment service group and most recently as the Section Head for Enterprise Lab, Research, and Ophthalmology Service. Prior to these roles in HTM, Keith worked in Surgical Services as a Core and Prosthesis Supervisor, and as a Surgical Process/Systems Analyst.

During Keith’s time at Mayo, Keith has had extensive experience collaborating on several multidisciplinary teams and demonstrated a commitment to customer service, strong leadership skills, and experience with process analysis, project management, and technical support. During Keith’s tenure in Surgical Services and HTM, Keith has been exposed to the depth and breadth of medical equipment in a large healthcare organization. This includes the use of, service and support on, and the operationalization of cybersecurity for a wide range of medical equipment and HIoT technology.

Mayo Clinic Efforts to Secure Connected Devices and HIoT 

Hear from Mayo Clinic and Ordr on best practices to gain complete visibility into these devices, profile behavior and risks, and enable the right policies to segment them.

2 & 3 Mark Heston, Director of Clinical Engineering – Children’s Hospital Colorado  & Dylan Winthers, Network & Cybersecurity Analyst – HSS 

Mark Heston is the Director of Clinical Engineering at Children’s Hospital Colorado with a CHTM and CBET. With more than 40 years in the medical profession and an M.S. in Health Care Administration, Mark has served as the Director of Medical Technology for the Iowa Health System, a Biomedical Engineer at GE Healthcare, Director of Clinical Instrumentation at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Operations Director for Clinical Engineering at Cleveland Clinic, and so much more. Mark is dedicated to teaching as well and has served as an adjunct faculty member at Upper Iowa University and William Penn College for Working Adults.

Dylan Winthers is a Network and Cybersecurity Analyst for HSS Technology Services an organization that provides healthcare technology management support and integrated security services solutions to their customers. Not only is Dylan truly committed to helping healthcare organizations, but Dylan and his wife continue to build The Amelia Phoenix Fund, a Non-Profit organization established to raise awareness for CDH, as well as collect funds to donate for equipment for an area NICU.

Higher Risks, Lower Budgets, Covid Chaos The Scary Reality of Securing Healthcare Environments 

Mark Heston, Director of Clinical Engineering at Children’s Hospital Colorado, Ben Stock, Director of Healthcare Product Management at Ordr and Dylan Winthers, Network and Cybersecurity Analyst at HSS — explore these challenges and how to address them. Mark, Ben and Dylan will discuss the combination of products and managed services that allowed Children’s Hospital Colorado to cost-effectively discover, protect, and maintain their medical devices in a time of crisis, and how these tools will be imperative to transition back to a compliant and secure biomedical environment as normalcy returns.

4. David Yaeger, Bio-Med Security DBA – ProHealth Care 

David Yaeger has nearly 20 years of experience in as IT engineer, PACS administrator, security and data base administrator. Currently, David serves as the Biomed Security DBA at ProHealth Care. David is in charge of network-connected medical devices for ProHealth Care, he runs a program to identify, profile and analyze risk associated to these medical devices so David’s team can watch for vulnerabilities appropriately mitigate risk.

Building a Successful Medical Device Security Program (Security + IT + HTM) 

When it comes to developing a medical device security strategy it takes a village. Join Eric Ross, System Director Clinical Engineering of M Health Fairview, David Yeager, Biomed Security DBA at ProHealth Care, and Ben Stock, Director of Healthcare Product Development at Ordr in a fireside chat on how to build a successful medical device security program.

5. Michael Brilling, Manager of Clinical Engineering – Dartmouth-Hitchcock 

Michael Brilling is the Manager of Clinical Engineering at Dartmouth-Hitchcock. Michael began his career working on large datacenter thermal efficiency and UNIX systems. With nearly 20 years of experience in systems administration, clinical engineering and BMET, Michael is proficient in alarm fatigue prevention, equipment life cycle management, systems implementation, CMMS and AEM development.

Fireside Chat: Medical Device Security is a Joint Effort 

Join Michael Brilling, Manager, Clinical Engineering at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health and Ben Stock, Director of Healthcare Product Development at Ordr in a fireside chat on how to drive cross functional collaboration to protect IoMT Devices.

6. Christine Vogel, Cybersecurity Clinical Engineer – Hartford HealthCare 

Christine Vogel currently serves as the cybersecurity clinical engineer for Hartford HeathCare. With  nearly 10 years of experience, a Bachelors and Masters in Biomedical Engineering and various roles in systems engineering, research and security, Christine is one HTM leader you must meet!

7. Umair Siddiqui, Associate Vice President Clinical Engineering & Asset Management – Memorial Hermann Health System 

Umair Siddiqui is an M.B.A, M.S, CCE, and serves as the Associate Vice President Clinical Engineering & Asset Management at Memorial Hermann Health System. Umair has more than 20 years experience with the University of Connecticut Health Center, MD Anderson Cancer Center and GE Healthcare. It is fair to say that if you are looking for advice on medical devices, asset management, operation, technology assessment, capital equipment planning, equipment procurement, equipment distribution or logistics, Umair is a wonderful resource.

8. Jeremy Heim, Senior Information Security Risk Analyst – Avera Health 

Jeremy Heim is the Senior Information Security Risk Analyst at Avera Health, with more than 19 years of professional information technology experience and expertise. Jeremy has spent majority of his career in the healthcare sector where he has specialized in IT management, systems architecture, clinical systems and security risk analysis. If you are looking to secure your medical devices, Jeremy should be your go-to person for advice!

9. John Klein, Modality Manager Clinical Engineering – UnityPoint Health 

John Klein serves as the Modality Manager at UnityPoint Health. With more than 26 years of time and dedication to UnityPoint, he has been able to help their organization in their digital transformation and is responsible for a stellar team that manages all clinical devices for the organization. If you are looking to speak to a person who has seen it all, look no further!

10. Karen Waninger, Executive Director Clinical Engineering – Franciscan Health Network 

Karen Waninger is the Executive Director of Clinical Engineering for the Franciscan Health Network. With more than 20 years of experience and an MBA in Health Care, Karen is experienced beyond measure. Formerly, Karen’s was at TriMedx as the National Director of Regulatory Compliance which helped set the stage for the rise into Clinical Engineering Director and Community Health Network. If you are looking to understand regulatory compliance standards and how they impact medical devices, Karen should be your first call!

Throughout the week, we will be highlighting a few of the many great individuals that have been phenomenal in leading their team and organization. Stay tuned!

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