As we stand at the threshold of a new year, it’s time to reflect on the crescendo of achievements, growth, and unwavering commitment to innovation that defined Ordr’s remarkable journey through 2023. Join us in revisiting the symphony of passion, a customer-first philosophy, and excellence that set the stage for an even more promising 2024.

Passion in Progress: A Year of Growth

The heart of Ordr has always pulsed with unbridled passion for progress, and 2023 was no exception. With year-to-year growth in annual recurring revenue of nearly 250%, Ordr surged forward, reinforcing its leadership in healthcare and expanding its influence across diverse industries. The passion to embrace digital transformation and fortify against evolving risks drove our enterprise partners to recognize the significance of safeguarding every connected asset. Ordr emerged as a trusted partner, ensuring that enterprises transform and do so securely.

Customer-First Spirit: Orchestrating Security

At Ordr, the mantra of “customer first, customer last” is a guiding principle woven into the fabric of our daily operations. Our support team, fueled by the indomitable spirit of dedication, ensured that our customers felt the warmth of our commitment. From yearly SOC2 audits and penetration testing, to periodic security bulletins, every action was a testament to our customer-first approach. We provided white-glove service to marquee clients and worked with all of our customers with supreme care to ensure the security of each. We frequently got in front of our customers and listened to their comments, experiences, and suggestions and used that input to improve our products and help them to be successful in their security maturity journeys.

Excellence Unveiled: Product Evolution

Ordr’s commitment to excellence was unwavering in adding features that continuously kept us ahead of the competition while addressing and anticipating market demand. The symphony of innovation and R&D translated into 13 software releases, featuring over 100 new enhancements released at a cadence of every two months. The harmonious introduction of unique features, collaborations with industry giants, and addition of many major new integrations showcased Ordr’s dedication to staying ahead of the dynamic threat landscape. Ordr now has robust, bi-directional integrations with several major players in areas like endpoint detection and response (EDR), mobile device management (MDM), vulnerability management, threat intelligence feeds, security information and event management (SIEM), IT service management (ITSM), network access controls (NAC) and firewalls, network infrastructure management, data center, cloud, endpoint management, medical devices, computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), and more. Our product line enhancements are reflected in our technological prowess and a commitment to protecting mission-critical equipment and services for our customers.

A Year of Recognition: Industry Accolades and Partnerships

Ordr’s capabilities echoed far and wide, resonating through accolades and strategic partnerships. With our ServiceNow integration, we ensure our customers’ asset inventories are always accurate and up-to-date. We also work closely with Crowdstrike to secure every asset for our customers—agentless and agent-based. Segmentation and Zero Trust continue to be key strategic projects for every one of our customers, and we have had long term partnerships with Cisco, Aruba and Fortinet on these.

With the GE HealthCare CARESCAPE network, we help provide customers with enhanced self-management capabilities for their critical patient care devices. And with Sodexo Healthcare Technology Management, we enable the creation of a new managed healthcare technology management (HTM) services. Our expanding network of partners around the world further ensures that more enterprises will be able to protect their assets and networks with Ordr.

These efforts have raised our profile significantly. Ordr was recognized in Gartner Market Guides and Hype Cycles, underlining our expanding influence across all industry sectors. And many trade publications recognized us as a startup visionary, digital innovator, vanguard vendor, and IoT security leader, adding to the chorus of affirmations for our passion and excellence. During 2023 Ordr was:

  • Named to the 2023 Startup 50, recognizing innovative technology companies solving real industry problems.
  • Named a “Leading Security Visionary” in the annual Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) Vendor Vision Report.
  • Named a 2023 Intellyx Digital Innovator Award winner by research firm Intellyx.
  • Named among the 10 Coolest IoT Security Companies: The 2023 Internet of Things 50 by CRN.
  • Named a 2023 Vendor on the Vanguard by ChannelPro.
  • Named a Soonicorn on Tracxn’s “Internet of Things Infrastructure Startups 2023” list of top IoT companies to watch.

Building a World-Class Team: Talent Ready to Rock

The backbone of Ordr’s success lies in its world-class team. In 2023, the roster was fortified with C-level additions like Chief Healthcare Officer Wes Wright and Chief Revenue Officer Kevin Arsenault. We also expanded our customer success and field teams to leverage the massive opportunities in markets like financial services, manufacturing, government, bioscience, higher education, and healthcare. These additions bring Ordr deep industry experience and strategic vision to propel our business performance. The dedicated and richly talented Ordr team has translated to results in the product and market, including:

  • 13 software releases, including Ordr 8.2, FIPS release, and bi-monthly patching.
  • 100+ new features, including GUI enhancements, business intelligence analytics, parsers, and customer-specific implementations.
  • 20+ new integrations in various categories, including MDM, EDR, firewall, maps, cloud asset, vulnerability assessment, CMDB and service graph connector, and more.
  • Proof-of-concepts with major financial services, healthcare, educational, manufacturing and other organizations around the world.
  • Annual SOC2 audit and pen testing.
  • Migration to new threat intelligence feeds.
  • Publishing security bulletins for emerging threats like MOVEit, Wayze Cameras, Cisco products, and more.

AI Driven Approach: Device Classification and Zero Trust Policies

Traditional policy-based management is becoming obsolete, giving way to AI-driven policy recommendation engines. We want to make it easy for our customers to gain accurate insights to reduce their attack surface and secure every asset, enforced on the networking and security products they’ve already invested in.

Ordr’s policy recommendation engine harnesses an extensive collection of device intelligence and behavioral models amassed in the Ordr data lake over many years. This curated knowledge base leverages machine learning and empowers Ordr to effectively categorize, compare, and analyze millions of devices operating in similar environments. Key capabilities of our Policy Recommendation Engine include:

  • Behavioral Analysis: Analyzing vast datasets to identify patterns, anomalies, and trends in device behavior.
  • Context-Aware Policy Generation: Generating context-aware policy recommendations tailored to the specific needs of a customer’s environment.
  • Continuous Learning and Adaptive Policies: Adapting insights from ongoing network activities to manage policies in real time.
  • Scalable Policy Comparison: Efficiently analyzing and comparing policies across millions of devices in real time.
  • Proactive Anomaly Detection: Identifying deviations from established norms to enable policy adjustments before potential threats escalate.
  • Threat Intelligence Integration: Applying information from threat intelligence feeds to enhance the engine’s ability to identify and respond to emerging threats.

2024: Our Time to Shine

Ordr continuously invests in our AI capabilities to provide easy data access and search capabilities using generative AI techniques and the fruits of those investments will be made manifest in our product roadmap and roll-out in the coming months. That is why I look forward to 2024. The stage is set for another Ordr grand performance. Our team, fueled by passion, a customer-first philosophy ingrained in our DNA, and a commitment to excellence, will continue to deliver bigger and better ways for our customers to manage their expanding asset inventories and attack surfaces.

We stand at the right place and time, armed with the best product in the industry and a great team. Together, we embark on a journey where success is not just a goal but a certainty. Here’s to the symphony of passion, the harmony of customer-first values, and the crescendo of excellence that will define Ordr’s triumphs in 2024.

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