Ordr. Four simple letters that will undoubtedly elicit varying reactions from our customers, partners, friends and family. We certainly think – and hope – the vast majority will be excited and positive. That’s been our experience as we’ve shared the brand name with those closest to us. They find it to be friendly, approachable, elegant in its simplicity. We look forward to hearing how you responded, how you think it might be relatable to your job, your organization, IoT security, and your need to take control of your hyper-connected enterprise.

Since the CloudPost Networks founding a few years ago, we have been singularly focused on developing comprehensive solutions to the very real problems you face every day. We’ve been focused on helping you identify everything that’s connected to your network, the scale and breadth of which seems to expand endlessly. We’ve been focused on finding ways to collect and process extremely detailed info on each device, exactly what each is doing, and presenting that in a way that’s actually usable and actionable for you. And we’ve been focused on integrating with your existing network and security infrastructure so you can better use that infrastructure to secure and protect your entire organization. We absolutely had to get that development right before we spent a lot of time, money and resources on marketing. And we had to be sure that what we said from a marketing perspective was completely rooted in truth, not fluff or aspiration.

The time has come for us to share our story with a broader audience. We have no doubt that our IoT security solution will be well-received and we are brimming with excitement to share it with the world. So excited, in fact, that we think it deserves a distinctive brand name.

What’s in the Name?

Ordr. The name is a key component in building our brand. A foundation on which we can build. A name appears on our website but our brand exists in the minds of the people who know us. Our brand is rooted in our company culture, our pedigree. It’s revealed in our commitment to our customers, how we communicate, how we respond to challenges. It’s our pursuit of knowledge, as we strive to continually learn from – and to share what we’ve learned with – our customers and partners. It’s how we demonstrate our integrity and ethics. How we hold ourselves to a higher standard to speak truth. And it’s how we continually innovate in product development. We have the beginnings of a world-class brand, and we hope you’ll be with us and help us build that brand into the future.

Enough about the elements of the brand, you say. What’s the name really mean and why did you choose it? Great questions. We have enormous aspirations and think there is no limit to what we can achieve, as long as we stay focused on the needs of our customers. Our founders helped create companies that changed our industry forever. We’re here to build a company that lasts. So we wanted a name that is flexible and expandable and future-proof. We didn’t want a name that constrains us to a single market or tries to cleverly illustrate something our technology delivers today. The world will be very different in two, five or ten years. And so will Ordr.

Simple, Elegant IoT Security

We wanted a name that is elegantly simple, like the IoT security product we are developing. We wanted a name that communicates a feeling, a state of mind. We wanted a name that creates a question and a little bit of curiosity. Because we’re curious people.

So we chose Ordr. It’s simple. It’s easy to understand. It has some serious intellectual and scientific pedigree, as used in biological classification. It describes structure, command, organization. It conveys feeling of calm. And it lets you know that you are in control. Out of chaos, comes Ordr.

We think we chose a name that does a pretty darn good job of communicating who we are and what we do–IoT security. We think it forms a good foundation on which we can build a lasting brand. A brand we can all be proud of.

We hope you feel the same, and we hope you’ll be with us every step of the way.

Ordr. Take control.

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