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Ordr integrates with CrowdStrike solutions to see and secure all managed and unmanaged devices.

Ordr integrates with CrowdStrike to collect managed device details including vulnerabilities and threat insights. This enables comprehensive device visibility, a better understanding of risk, and the ability to enforce policy to mitigate active threats and improve security across all connected devices.

Ordr also integrates with CrowdStrike Falcon LogScale (formerly Humio) enabling organizations to run advance device and risk analyses. CrowdStrike Falcon LogScale leverages correlated telemetry from CrowdStrike and Ordr for analyzing and visualizing agentless and agent-based device insights.

Gain complete device visibility

  • See into all devices – agentless and agent-based
  • Track both online and offline devices continuously
  • Identify unmanaged devices without CrowdStrike agent for compliance

Minimize risk with better insights

  • Improve Ordr risk score accuracy with supplemental event data from CrowdStrike

Remediate faster

  • Improve threat detection and incident response time with a combination of Ordr endpoint flow & CrowdStrike process data
  • Block/quarantine/segment managed endpoints in Ordr for rapid remediation via the network