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IoT devices are proliferating in the modern, high-tech enterprise. Traditional endpoint security agents cannot be deployed on these devices. We discover, classify and then profile and analyze these devices for risks and anomalous behaviors. The Ordr Policy Generator then dynamically generates policies to segment vulnerable devices to help ensure their security.

Smart Devices

IP-enabled smart devices like speakers and displays are used to enable employee productivity but can bring risks to the organization such as eavesdropping and recording sensitive conversations.

Building Automation Systems

IoT devices are part of building operations to save energy, optimize lighting, or provide physical access. These devices can be compromised and become attack vectors.

Supply Chain Systems

With the help of network-enabled sensors and smart tags, enterprises can have real-time tracking of their supply chain network. These devices must be secured.


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Learn how the Ordr Systems Control Engine (SCE) will discover every connected device, profile device behaviors and risks, and automate response. Read the solution brief now.

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