Ordr and GE HealthCare collaborate on a service offering for CARESCAPE patient monitoring networks ! Read more here!

The Solution

Never Trust, Always Verify

Extend Zero Trust with Ordr and protect every connected device on the network. With automatic device discovery, classification, and behavioral baselining, Ordr automatically generates Zero Trust segmentation policies to isolate and secure individual devices or fleets based on nearly any device attribute.


Ordr Overview Solution Brief

Learn how Ordr discovers every connected device, profiles device behaviors, uncovers risks, and automates zero trust policies.

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5 Steps to Zero Trust for Unmanaged and IoT Devices

Read the whitepaper to learn how Ordr can help you extend Zero Trust to all devices on your network.

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Deploying Effective Segmentation for Connected Devices

Download this whitepaper to understand the unique way Ordr automates the creation and enforcement of segmentation policies

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