SANTA CLARA, Calif., Aug. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Ordr, the leader in connected device security, today shared that it has experienced a significant increase in industry demand for its connected device security platform. Ordr enables security and IT teams to discover and secure every connected asset across their whole organization – from laptops and traditional IT equipment, to especially vulnerable Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), Operational Technology (OT), and Cyber-Physical Systems.

“With industries as diverse as healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, smart cities, government and higher education coming to depend on connected devices to conduct their daily operations, it is no surprise that security has become a top priority,” said Jim Hyman, CEO of Ordr. “Organizations need the granular visibility that Ordr delivers, enabling teams to see what devices are connecting to their network, where they are connected, and what they’re doing when connected. It’s only with this real-time context that organizations can accurately identify their complete attack surface and mitigate risks via automated policies.”

Ordr’s AI-powered platform gives organizations a single source of truth for every connected device, revealing the entire attack surface, including vulnerabilities, exploits and anomalies. With the digital transformation-driven expansion of devices across industries, the number of connections that must be secured by an organization increases dramatically every day. In addition, in industries such as healthcare and manufacturing, connected devices have a long lifecycle, often outliving the operating system and security software installed on it and creating an instant security issue.

“Enterprises today are embracing Zero Trust as a modern cybersecurity strategy, but extending it to connected devices including IT, IoT, IoMT and OT can be increasingly challenging. We’ve been seeing great momentum bringing together our extensive cybersecurity experience with  Ordr’s technology to discover every asset in the network, identify the attack surface, and automate the creation of segmentation policies to secure them. We look forward to our continued partnership with Ordr to further strengthen our customers’ security posture,” said Mark Grassmann, Cybersecurity Practice Principal, Alchemy Technology Group.

It has become harder and harder for resource-constrained IT and security teams to ensure they have a full understanding of their attack surface – and for them to have the proper policies in place to mitigate those situations. The visibility and control Ordr brings is helping reduce risks, and decrease incident response by hours, particularly when context is used to enrich CMDB, SIEMs, XDRs and security operations tools.

Ordr’s industry momentum includes:

Customer Growth

  • Ordr continues to maintain its leadership position in healthcare while expanding its footprint in critical markets like manufacturing, financial services, higher education and government. Ordr enterprise ARR growth increased by 249% from 1H 2022 to 1H 2023.

Industry Recognition

Product Innovation

Industry-Leading Partnerships and Integrations

  • GE HealthCare and Ordr teamed up to deliver broad visibility, performance monitoring, security, and governance of all clinical assets on GE’s CARESCAPE network, providing customers with enhanced self-management capabilities for their critical patient care devices.
  • A new integration between Ordr and ServiceNow was announced, helping customers to quickly, easily, and reliably populate their CMDBs with third-party data, enabling data quality, timeliness, and scalability.
  • Ordr partnered with Dubai-based Spire Solutions, the Middle East & Africa region’s leading cybersecurity solution provider and value-added distributor (VAD).
  • The company partnered with U.K.- based Next Generation Security (NGS), a specialist cybersecurity reseller providing consultancy, support, and managed services.
  • Ordr teamed with Sodexo Healthcare Technology Management to create a managed HTM and cybersecurity solution combining the strengths of Ordr’s connected device security platform with Sodexo’s healthcare technology management (HTM) services expertise.
  • Ordr also named CDW and World Wide Technology (WWT) as its 2022 Partners of the Year, reinforcing the importance of both partnerships to the company and its customers.

For more information about how Ordr can help teams discover and secure every connected device across their organization, please click here.

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