What a year it has been. Looking back there were plenty of surprises, but much to celebrate, be grateful for, proud of, and to leave us with ample optimism for the year to come. We’ll make our resolutions on January 1st, and have offered our opinions on what might transpire in 2023 elsewhere. But for now, let’s review the last twelve months and take in all that we accomplished as an organization–every member of the Ordr team together with our partners, customers, and advisors.

For starters, despite economic friction remaining from the pandemic and the headwinds of inflation and recession, the Ordr team scored many new customer wins, including many large enterprises representing every industrial sector. The message that organizations need to secure their growing inventory of connected devices is spreading, and Ordr stands head-and-shoulders above all other solutions in meeting that need. Among our many representative new customers earned during 2022 were:

  • Large pharmaceuticals companies;
  • Major children’s hospitals;
  • A multinational financial institution;
  • One of the largest U.S. federal agencies;
  • Global industrial and high tech manufacturers;
  • U.S. and UK universities; and,
  • Many healthcare services providers throughout the U.S. Canada, and Europe.

Wins like these don’t happen without a lot of hard work. And as it has been since our founding, the Ordr team put in a lot of hard work during 2022 to build on past successes and execute against a goal of continuous improvement.

Bringing the Power of Personalization to HTM Teams

In March we launched Clinical Defender to enable Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) teams to manage their connected medical devices more efficiently and accurately in the face of an explosion of IoT and IoMT deployments in healthcare environments. As many as 20% of connected devices operating in healthcare organizations are unaccounted for. Clinical Defender closes that visibility gap while providing focused, actionable, and accurate HTM insights and workflows, so HTM and clinical engineering teams can:

  • Access a dedicated dashboard for simplifying HTM workflows and address specific use cases;
  • Automate real-time asset inventory without impacting device operations;
  • Address compliance by identifying missing, newly connected, or misplaced devices;
  • Mitigate risks by identifying devices with vulnerabilities, recalls, and outdated operating systems;
  • Accelerate remediation efforts for devices with clinical risks; and,
  • Save millions of dollars by optimizing device utilization.

Then in August we released Clinical Defender 8.1, adding the Ordr Software Inventory Collector and integration with Crowdstrike and Crowdstrike Humio to enhance the value of the platform by making it easy for Clinical Defender to gather contextual information from connected devices, and collaborate with security teams to defend the healthcare enterprise.

Expanding Our Partner Network, Embracing the Technology Ecosystem

In May Ordr announced expanded technology integrations with our long-time partner Cisco, making Ordr available as a hosted application on Cisco Catalyst 9000 series switches. The integration enables Ordr’s seamless visibility, comprehensive insights, and enhanced security for connected devices in every environment using the Catalyst 9000 product family, and extends Ordr integrations with Cisco Meraki, Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE), Cisco Software-Defined Access (SDA), and Cisco Trustsec.

“Ordr is a great purpose-built product that delivers exactly what they promise it will. It’s easy to work with and easy to maintain.” Network Engineer, healthcare and biotech industry.

Our partner relationships expanded further through new technology integrations with Arista, AWS, BigFix, Cisco Prime, CrowdStrike, Microsoft, Qualys, Rapid7, ServiceNow, and Tenable, as well as support for Osquery, contributing to the list of  more than 80 integrations with the Ordr Data Lake. In total, these new integrations deliver stronger “ground to cloud” visibility, device management, and security capabilities for our customers by enabling them to operate with a richer, more contextual understanding of their connected device operations.

And then in November we added Sodexo Healthcare Technology Management to our partner network. The Ordr-Sodexo relationship delivers a people, process, and technology solution combining Sodexo Managed HTM Cybersecurity services with the Ordr platform. By combining the strengths of Ordr’s connected device security platform with Sodexo’s healthcare technology management services expertise, HTM teams can more easily identify threats and mitigate risks to their enterprises by securing all connected healthcare devices.

Enhanced Device Management, Security, and Segmentation

In November we also published our healthcare connected device maturity model entitled A Practical Guide: Implementing Connected Device Security for Healthcare Organizations. The guide outlines five stages of an effective connected device security program and strategies to achieve and maintain a Zero Trust security posture for healthcare organizations beleaguered by a relentless onslaught of cyberattacks. These stages include:

  • Gaining Full Asset Visibility Across Infrastructures;
  • Acquiring Vulnerability and Risk Management Insights;
  • Achieving Reactive Security Capabilities;
  • Evolving to a Proactive Security Posture; and,
  • Maintaining Optimized, Zero Trust Security Operations.

Ultimately our product improvements and partner relationships mean nothing if they don’t translate to greater connected device management and security capabilities for our customers. Our mission to help organizations See, Know, and Secure their entire connected device inventory and maintain a Zero Trust security posture was evinced throughout the year when we stepped up to help our customers identify and protect their devices from new threats like the Log4j and OpenSSL vulnerabilities, rogue device communications to risky foreign locations, malware variants like Maui Ransomware, and other threats to connected devices and the organizations that rely on them.

“Overall, we have a great experience with the Ordr system where our IoT and IoMT devices are well detected and inspected for inventory and vulnerability purposes.” Manager, IT Security and Risk Management, healthcare and biotech

Ordr’s Journey of Growth Continued

Finally, it’s worth noting that every move we make is part of a strategy to grow Ordr into a strong, stand-alone technology leader that our customers know they can trust for years to come. That position as a market leader was reaffirmed during 2022 by respected organizations like KLAS Research, who named Ordr a healthcare IoT security leader for an unprecedented third year in a row, and IDC, who named Ordr a top innovator in healthcare security technology.

Our success and growth to date allowed us to attract another $40 million in new, C-round capital investments in June. Those funds are already at work building our organization through new hires and research and development, including the award of four new patents in October. Those patents are associated with processes for addressing unique challenges to securing connected devices, including the way we profile new devices, as well as innovations that make it easier for organizations to use our technology.

And as we continued to add human capital, among the many new faces Ordr welcomed to its roster was our new CEO, Jim Hyman, who took over the office formerly occupied by Greg Murphy during the last four years of incredible growth and success. Greg remains an integral part of the Ordr family operating as an advisor to the company. His hard work left Jim an organization well-positioned for future growth and success.

New Year, New Opportunities

2022 was a big year for Ordr during which we achieved many important milestones. We look forward to helping even more organizations protect their networks from the increasing threats to their connected devices next year and beyond. After all, we are well-positioned to continue capitalizing on our unparalleled ability to secure the huge and growing number of healthcare and industrial IoT deployments.

“Deployment was easy; once running and we immediately got visibility. Support is great and helpful in tuning system, upgrades have been painless. Ordr has aided us in identifying unwanted devices and remediation activities, the behavior violation alerts position us to drive investigations based on known good traffic.” Director, IT Security and Risk Management, healthcare and biotech

As always, Ordr is here to make a major difference improving the way security controls are implemented, even as enterprises grow more complex. We are eager to meet whatever challenges 2023 has in store with confidence in our mission and clarity in our vision.

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