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For the first time, Ordr is taking our message of proactive protection for today’s modern enterprise to the floor – and a few parties – at the RSA Conference in San Francisco.  Come join us!

Chances are, you’re a security practitioner for a thoroughly modern enterprise; and chances are, you and your team are frantically searching for an agentless security solution to help you address the exploding quantity and variety of devices that need access to your network.  Your organization is rapidly adding non-traditional devices – facilities, IoT, security, OT, line-of-business, convenience, etc. – that simply can’t be secured with the same solutions you use for user-based devices like laptops, tablets and phones.  If you’re anything like us, the idea of these devices attaching to your enterprise without sufficient protection keeps you up at night.

That’s why we developed the industry’s first proactive protection solution for every class of network-connected device and system.  It goes way beyond device discovery and visibility – certainly something at which Ordr excels – and uniquely gives you the ability to act on that visibility to implement and enforce granular protection policies across your existing network and security infrastructure.  It gives you the power to regulate the behavior of every device, to ensure that everything operates in a manner that you control, and to secure every class of device on your terms.  It’s proactive protection for your entire enterprise, your customers, your systems and your brand.

Come see us in San Francisco and we’ll tell you more.

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Booth 5584, North Expo Hall
It isn’t sexy, but it’s ours.  And we’d be happy to welcome you in.
We’ll be running product demos on the regular, and will have some really smart folks on hand to answer any questions you might have.  And we’ll have a little swag, so there’s that.

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Don’t like crowds?  The crush of people can certainly be overwhelming.  Let’s have a quiet chat instead.  You can schedule a 1:1 meeting with one of our senior executives by reaching out to your Ordr account contact, or simply drop us a note at info@ordr.net and we’ll get you set up.

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Like crowds but prefer to chat over some refreshments?  We’ve got you covered there as well.  We’re social people, so we’ll be on hand to share a cheer and some ideas:
Tuesday, 25 February – Cybersecurity Networking Reception co-hosted by our VC partner Wing, YL Ventures, OpenView, Thomvest Ventures, and USVP.  
Wednesday, 26 February – Security Leaders Party @ Metreon, the most talked-about event at RSA.  Join us for food, drinks, live entertainment, and some serious knowledge.  

However you choose to get here, just get here.  We’re incredibly excited for the opportunity to chat.

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