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As the number of mobile and remote employees increases, the attack surface expands, resulting in more exposure to potential risk, making security more critical than ever for your organization.  Security and IT teams require a centralized view of all devices and threats across the whole environment to properly manage devices and risks and provide the proper levels of protection for your organization. 

Ordr integration with Jamf enables organizations to extend visibility to all Jamf managed Apple devices. Ordr collects device, user, and installed application details to enrich the Ordr Data Lake and enhance the view of all devices, connections, and vulnerabilities.

Integrating Ordr with Jamf enables:

  • Real-time visibility of all connected devices across all operating systems, on-prem, remote, managed, and unmanaged.
  • Comprehensive insights into vulnerabilities and risk prioritized to align with your organization.
  • Centralization of the view for your connected device attack surface and risk posture.
  • Acceleration of threat response and proactive Zero Trust security efforts with automated policy.
  • Accurate and up-to-date device details to meet compliance and cyber insurance requirements.