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Ordr Clinical Defender to streamline management of connected medical devices

Ordr Clinical Defender combines our foundational asset and risk management features with best practices from top healthcare organizations to help HTM teams improve the efficiency and accuracy of managing connected medical devices.

Targeted workflows to accelerate end-to-end device management and security

HTM, security, and networking users now have access to dashboards with targeted workflows to ensure critical data is at their fingertips for day-to-day operations.

Data Shaper to focus on environments and devices most important to you

Quickly zero in on insights that are most relevant to your role, a specific project, or task. For example:

  • HTM users can focus on specific medical devices they're responsible for within that hospital or location and identify devices using a specific protocol or access method.
  • Security users can focus on specific areas of the network, such as a VLAN, and identify devices that require greater scrutiny.

Simplified action framework to quickly enforce policies across a set of target devices

Identify high-risk devices and dynamically apply mitigation policies across existing networking and security infrastructure with the click of a button.

Improved sharing to collaborate with other teams on investigation and actions

Share a link to an exact view and list of devices to collaborate with other teams on investigation, policy enforcement, and other mitigating actions.

Simplified search to find exactly what you’re looking for across the Ordr interface

Search with fewer clicks and drill into the exact insights you're looking for faster.

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