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Ordr 8.1 is now available.

Updates in Ordr 8.1 expand the Ordr Data Lake with integrations for insights from ground to cloud and accelerate Zero Trust projects to improve protection for connected devices.

Extend device discovery and insights from ground to cloud

Gain insights into cloud workloads – Discover, gain context, and see how your on prem devices communicate with workloads in your VMware and AWS public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. Deploy the optional Ordr AMI sensor to collect workload data and gain additional insights into AWS workloads.

Expand device discovery capabilities – Collect device data from more points in your network to discover and gain context for connected devices with support for Arista switches, Cisco ERSPAN for remote sites, and multi-instance support for Cisco Prime deployments.

Enhance device insights – Gain additional context from BigFix managed devices, increase the fidelity and accuracy of Ordr insights with Microsoft DHCP and DNS data, and collect device details from Linux, Windows, and macOS devices with agents that support Osquery capabilities. 

Accelerate and scale Zero Trust deployments

Simplify segmentation policy creation – Use the Ordr Policy Editor to customize Ordr automated policies to meet your unique business needs such as allowingadmin activity, common services (e.g., DNS and NTP), backups, and DR events. Use Policy Entities to simplify common policy tasks and apply policy to groups of devices with Policy Profiles aligned with your business needs. 

Optimize segmentation policy for enforcement – Automatically separate Ordr created policies based on use cases and where enforcement occurs such as firewalls at the Internet edge and switches in data centers. Use Ordr Policy Optimizer to automatically reduce the size and complexity of Ordr created policies tomeet security goals while ensuring efficient use of enforcement point resources.

Enhance security insights by eliminating device blind spots

Simplify how device context is gathered – Our Ordr Software Inventory Collector simplifies how device software inventory, including detailed software stack and patch data, can be gathered. This includes gathering inventory details from managed and unmanaged devices on all leading operating systems, no matter where and how the devices and users connect-- offline or online, in remote locations, and connected behind VPN or gateways.

Comprehensive visibility for all devices, managed and unmanaged - Ordr now integrates with CrowdStrike. Insights from devices with CrowdStrike agents are integrated within the Ordr Data Lake to enhance device context.

Improve operational efficiency by aligning to HTM roles and responsibilities

Focus on all devices under your management - You can now group devices based on real-world business functions -- device type, across multiple types, by location, cost center, ownership or any other business logic. This allows you to cut out the noise and see only the devices that align with your role and responsibilities.

Reduce risk with Full-Lifecycle Vulnerability Management

View all risks on a single vulnerability dashboard - Ordr now provides a single clinical vulnerability dashboard to help you see all clinical device vulnerabilities, across all vulnerability databases, in one place.

Prioritize vulnerabilities based on risks – Ordr’s customizable Clinical Risk Score provides insights to help you plan and prioritize remediation efforts. Risk scores are automatically calculated based on environmental factors and device lifesaving capabilities, and are easily customized to align with your organizational goals.

Optimize mitigation efforts - Leverage simplified workflows to collaborate across teams and manage the entire vulnerability lifecycle. Custom Tags can be used to associate devices with applications, location, priorities, groups, individuals, or other key attributes, to simplify management of vulnerabilities.

Collaborate with security teams – Ordr now integrates with Humio, Crowdstrike’s scalable log management platform, sharing medical device context to facilitate better collaboration with security teams.

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