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Retail environments have seen explosive growth in IoT devices—from loss prevention devices to warehouse merchandising, payment, and interactive display systems. These devices represent a new attack surface for retail organizations. Ordr enables a secure shopping experience by securing devices and sensitive customer data that resides in them.

Inventory Tracking

IP-enabled smart devices are used to track inventory and alert when stock is low. These devices all need to be secured.

Smart Retail Stores

IoT devices are used to save energy, optimize lighting, or provide physical access in retail locations. These devices can be compromised and become an attack vector.

Payment Card Systems

Many retailers utilize IP-enabled payment card systems that contain sensitive credit card data information that needs to be secured.


Ordr Overview

Learn how the Ordr Systems Control Engine (SCE) will discover every connected device, profile device behaviors and risks, and automate response. Read the solution brief now.

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How Ordr Detects and Mitigates Ripple20

Learn how Ordr can help to detect and mitigate the vulnerabilities caused by Ripple20.

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Rise of the Machines 2021 Enterprise of Things Adoption and Risk Report

Explore the Enterprise of Things in our 2021 Report on Adoption and Risk. We profile adoption and risks for more than 5 million unmanaged, IoMT and IoT devices deployed.

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