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Life sciences organizations are developing life-changing technologies like cell therapy, medicine, gene therapy, new food products, and more. IoT devices are a critical part of the manufacturing and development process. We discover, profile behavior and risks, and automate policies to secure them to ensure they do not become attack entry points into the organization.

Research and Development Devices

IP-enabled smart lab devices or connected clinical trial monitoring devices are used for life sciences research and development. They are part of an organization’s intellectual property and must be protected against attacks.

Manufacturing Devices

IoT devices used in manufacturing processes can range from environment control devices to control systems used for production optimization and maintenance. These devices can be compromised and become attack vectors.

Facilities Systems

Life sciences organizations rely on IoT devices for third-party supply chain operations ranging from drug delivery management to drug analytics. Device data is sensitive, requiring segmentation from other devices in the organization.


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Learn how the Ordr Systems Control Engine (SCE) will discover every connected device, profile device behaviors and risks, and automate response. Read the solution brief now.

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Rise of the Machines 2021 Enterprise of Things Adoption and Risk Report

Explore the Enterprise of Things in our 2021 Report on Adoption and Risk. We profile adoption and risks for more than 5 million unmanaged, IoMT and IoT devices deployed.

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